Friday, September 28, 2007


Your head might explode with cuteness

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just another reason you shouldn't do meth.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Too cute!!!!

These were so cute I had to post them. SO CUTE!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Open Letter

This is to the people one over upstairs from me

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't leave your little Beagle-y type dog out on your porch for such a long time. If you didn't notice, it barks, a lot, at everything. It is very cute, and I appreciate doggie cuteness, but sometimes I need to study. And that dog needs to come inside. Don't you know Humberto is on his way? Humberto is the reason I am at home studying being disturbed by your otherwise pleasant bark machine (they had to close the submarine doors at school! No gross lab for me!). So please, be kind, don't leave your dog on the porch for so long. There isn't anything for the poor puppy to do out there anyway. Except bark. A lot.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quick thought

I guess this is just the kind of thing that pops into your head at 1:30 in the morning while you're mulling over how your day went. So here's the thought/suggestion for all standardized patients (though I think they should be called differentalized patients because they are far from the same), or really anyone who goes into a situation where someone could possibly be using a stethoscope.

Don't talk to me while I have my stethoscope in my ears. I can't hear you. Unless I'm looking at your mouth or listening to your chest, or you have the diaphragm of the stethoscope in front of your mouth, I won't have any idea you're even talking. I mean my ears are plugged up. That's all I'm saying. Just a heads up so no one will say anything important during the critical time of no hearing.

Friday, September 7, 2007

My first three weeks

I've survived it. The first three weeks. I'm done. Here's kind of how it went. Excitement, fear, tears, fear, tears, fear, tears, tears, tears, and finally today, excitement again. It has definitely been stressful, but med school is definitely doable. As is gross anatomy. Sorry I haven't posted much but that gives you an idea of the time I have. Anyone who really reads this blog knows me and I call anyway I guess :) Here's what I think of classes so far:

Histology: I'm a little scared of the course director, but I am sure he's a nice guy at heart. Lab just isn't worth going to because you are tested on images from books and websites, not from what you do in the actual lab. My time is better spent looking at images I might actually be tested over. Class is pretty straightforward, I just need to read.

Gross Anatomy: This is the one class that can make me feel like a total idiot and a complete genius. (ok not genius, but at least I feel like I might know something). I can't go to lecture because they go so fast I end up in a panic and I cry because I feel like there is no way I can ever learn it all. So I just stay home and study and I think I've been doing pretty good so far. I did get 12/20 on the practice practical! (sounds bad but it really isn't!) We did have a really good lecture today. Dr. Zhang is absolutely amazing. I want to kidnap him and run away to a desert island and have him talk anatomy to me all day long. Just amazing. (note: I do not literally want to kidnap him, its just a figure of speech because he is so cool I'd like to spend a lot of time with him.)

Biochemistry: This class should be a pre-requisite for medical school. It just should be. What we are going over right now feels SO basic to me. I mean we went over DNA replication today. DNA REPLICATION!!!!!! But the tests are tricky so I'm really glad I have the background already. So if you're pre med and reading this TAKE A SEMESTER OF BIOCHEM. You'll thank me later :)

Developmental Anatomy: It's all about babies. and moms. That is exactly what Dr. Rogers will tell you. And it is. I love it so far. Babies babies babies. What could make me happier? Real life babies. That's about it.

Intro to Clinical Medicine: I loves our course director. She is AH-mazing. But we do this standardized patient thing, which I did today, and it was SO AWKWARD!!! How come if these people are supposed to be standardized, they all act differently?!!??!?!? I guess I just like concrete things like do this, say this, this is how it should be done. Which I would have prepped for if I hadn't been told "oh don't worry! go in there, introduce yourself, and the standardized patient will lead you through it to teach you." Yeah that isn't how it happened. I introduced myself and he said "ok, go" UH it just felt awkward!!!!!! It probably wasn't so bad, but here is what it came down to. Don't put your hands in your pockets, you look casual, and welcome to adult hood. You are Student Doctor Sarah Lastname. I guess I am an adult, but I'm also just a 22 year old medical student!!!!! I can hardly take care of myself!!!!!! (ok, I actually do ok taking care of myself, but I'm just not a cleaner)

So that's pretty much how its going. I love UT Houston. It is amazing. But it is still hard. But I can do it. YEA ME!!!!