Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lies! All Lies!

Funny story. I guess you can believe some of the things you see on TV.

Your tongue will stick

Chesterton -- Two fourth-grade boys mimicking a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story" wound up with their tongues stuck for a while to a frozen flagpole in bitterly cold weather Friday morning.
Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander were serving on flag duty at Jackson Elementary School and decided to see whether their tongues really would stick to the cold metal.
"I decided to try it because I thought all of the TV shows were lies, but turns out I was wrong," said Gavin, who celebrated his 10th birthday Friday.
--- Star news services

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Study Just In!

A non-randomized study with sample size N=1 has shown that it takes two days for jalapeño juice to leave the hands enough to prevent extreme stinging and burning pain when removing contact lenses, even with numerous hand-washing attempts. Researchers say that extreme caution must be taken when cutting up jalapeños for a cuban style black bean soup.

Critics say that all the blame should not be placed on the jalapeños because the study also included cutting large amounts of onion.

Hopefully, a second study will not be undertaken.

I had to be silly for a while. But I really did this. I made soup, cut up onions and jalapeños and that night, even after much handwashing, when I went to take my contacts out I felt EXTREME pain in my eye. Luckily it only lasted a few seconds. And the next night. SAME THING! But tonight it was all better. Thank goodness.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm alive. I really do care. I'm sorry I don't write. But I'm the only one that reads so it really isn't a problem :)

I survived the 2.5 weeks of exams. It all went well. YAY for being done. My break was great. Well except for losing the Alamo Bowl, but I really didn't have anything to do with that. I went to Sea World and saw the Belugas. They are cute. And squishy. And they have a melon. Who knew.

I also got and AMAZING Kitchenaid stand mixer.
It is GREEEEEENNN. Greener than the pic. I LOVE IT. and I got a kick bootie food processor from my step mom for my birthday, and today I just went shopping and got a rolling kitchen island storage thingie and this duvet cover that I've really wanted from Ikea. So everything from break up until this point has been great! YAY! And I really don't mind being back in school. I seem to like this learning thing :)