Saturday, July 7, 2007

GO Team!

I've been watching Wimbledon pretty much this whole week, mostly because it is what has been on ALL DAY, but I really enjoy watching tennis so that is ok. I love it because they are so proper at Wimbledon. It isn't the women's and men's tennis matches, it is the ladies and gentleman's games. So cute! And their British accents calling the game. I love it. And I love that Venus Williams won. YAY AMERICA! I'll be watching tomorrow to see who wins the Gentlemen's final. I think I'm rooting for Roger Federer because geeze, he could be the greatest player EVER!!! And it would let him have won it for 5 straight years and that is cool. Plus I wanted Andy Roddick to win and since he can't, Federer may as well. Though Nadal is good, and young, and it would be cool for him to win. (even thought I totally think Djokovic could have beat him if his poor food hadn't gotten all infected and nasty).

And in another victory for America, we took back the hotdog eating championship. YAY AMERICA!

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