Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sad little Birdie

It has been raining. A LOT. It has been raining so much I've been trying to find out who is building the ark in our area. It is ridiculous. Unfortunately, a little birdie in my backyard has become a casualty of the incessant rain. Here is this little birdie's story.

The boyfriend and I let the dog out to potty. When Bella got done, she came back on the porch and started sniffing something. At first we thought it was just another bug that she wanted to play with. (and by play I mean paw to death, accidentally of course). I told her to leave it and to come in when I realized it wasn't a bug, it was a baby bird! I felt really bad that it was outside all alone in the wetness so we brought out a towel to try to give it some bedding and we put out some bread so that it could eat.

The next day we kept checking on it to make sure the dog didn't step on it or eat it, and as it tried to dry out, the boyfriend finally tried to poke it and that made it fly away. HELLO BIRDIE!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE FLOWN AWAY LIKE YESTERDAY! Well birdie ended up on the roof. And what happened that evening. It rained. A LOT. Birdie fell/slid of the roof. We found her and I knew it didn't look good. The boyfriend thought we could get it to eat and get its strength up, but I really doubted it. I just couldn't let the birdie be outside in the cold, alone, to die. So we brought Birdie in and put her in a box with a bottle cap of very wet bread and a paper towel and put her in the garage.

In the morning I went to check on Birdie, and sadly she (he?) didn't make it through the night. I put her outside and when the boyfriend got home, he took care of it. (In my mind the birdie is buried next to this Christmasy tree in the backyard). I hope you were at least warm little birdie.

Oh and did I mention. I HATE BIRDS!! They are annoying, they make a lot of noise, the poop/pee EVERYWHERE (they actually don't pee, they excrete a non water soluble uric acid along with other solidish waste, which is different that the water soluble true pee urea that people let out), and I generally dislike them. A lot. GAH! But I am a sucker. And it was a baby. And it was alone (no mommy ever came for it, I watched) wet, cold, and hungry.

And have a fabulous 4th of July. God bless America. WHOOP!

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