Monday, June 18, 2007


Nothing is going on. A whole lot of nothing. I shall attempt to write a day in the life of Bella the dog.

6:45 am: I wake up with Peter. But I don't want to get up and pee even though Peter really wants me to. I like my bed. I'm comfortable. Come back later. I need my beauty rest
8:30 am: Now I need to pee. BAD. I'll stick my nose in Sarah's face. She has a heart she'll take me to pee.
8:35 am: I finally get outside to pee. But the ground is wet and I don't do water. I don't do dampness. Oh no now I gotta bark. And sniff. And check the wind direction. Ok now I'll pee because Sarah is going to leave me. And if she leaves me, what will I do!! I can't be outside by myself!!! I'll never survive!
8:40 am: I finally pee. FINALLY. Sarah was really excited.
8:42 am: I guess I'll go back to sleep. But first I need to check on Sarah several times. And I have to pace around the room to make sure the ghosts in the house didn't move anything.
10:00am: Hmmmm, Sarah has prepared breakfast. I guess I'll at least pretend to be interested. I only eat under specific conditions. I don't know what they are, but they had better be in place.
10:30 to 2:30: Time to patrol the house. Pace pace pace. Sniff around the house. Bark at the reflections of people in the back yard. Pace some more. Lay down by Sarah. Get up and lay by the TV. Find my blankie. Play with blankie. Lay down again and take a nap. I love to nap. Get up and pace again. Bark at reflections of neighbors again. Look out front window for Peter. Where is Peter! He is late! By the way I'm still not eating. Take nap by front window to wait for Peter.
3:45pm: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I've been locked away in the bedroom! Why do they do this to me!!! Woe is me!!!! I'm all alone! Abandoned! No one will ever find me in here!
4:30 pm: Grandma and Grandpa are here!!! They set me free!!!!! Now to bark at the reflections some more
5:00pm: Sarah and Peter are home!!!!!! They still love me!!!!!
6pm: Dinner time!!! It is taco night. I sure like tacos. Well I think I do. I've never actually had them. But I'm sure they are amazing. The family sure like them. Maybe if I look at them with a REALLY cute face... nope nothing. I'll sniff the ground in case they drop anything. Maybe I'll nudge them too. gah... I'll just lay here under the table. Woe is me. Why doesn't my food smell as good as theirs?
8pm: ROAD TRIP!!! I love riding in the car, sticking my nose out the window. fun fun fun. We go the Peter's place. Now I must eat his roommates tiny dog. Fun fun fun. I love chasing the dog. Oh boy another road trip to Peter's parents! YAY!! I chased the cat. a lot. I know the cat likes it. I like the cat. So much fun. fun fun fun. Oh now I'll run up and down the stairs! EVEN MORE FUN!!!!
9pm. Back home. Sarah's step sister has a friend over. I must show all of my cuteness!!! Commence running around jumping and looking all around cute. We're all going to have a slumber party tonight, just us girls. YAY! Maybe Sarah will paint my toenails pink again! Awwww the girls went up stairs and I'm not allowed. Now I have to lay pitifully at the bottom of the stairs. Woe is me.
Now off the doggie dream land. I wonder what I dream about....... hmmmmmmm

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