Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vent... AGAIN

I know, I'm venting, AGAIN, but seriously, pre-med people on SDN can be AGGRAVATING!!! I don't know how my pre-med advisor does it. Here's my problem today....

STOP ASKING HOW TO ANSWER "Tell us what areas of medicine you are interested in"!!!!!
It is not that freaking hard. Seriously. Just answer the question!!!! I think these anal pre meds are just over thinking the questions. Also, the schools aren't asking you to make your final decision now. They know you'll probably even change your mind from what you say. It helps them choose who to interview you (oh you're in love with pediatrics.... hmmm we'll have a pediatrician interview you!!!) and since we all know there are personality traits associated with what people like, it helps them know more about you from your application. So quit being a baby and just answer the freaking question. If you can't answer this, you're going to have a really hard time making decisions that actually will matter in life.

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