Saturday, August 11, 2007

The end is near!

So my countdown to medical school is getting quite low. I can't believe it is almost here!

My friends Laura and Nathan came down Tuesday and we went to Galveston Wednesday. YAY Galveston! We had a lot of fun going to Schlitterbahn and to the beach, even if gulf water is salty and itchy. I had cut my elbow at Schlitterbahn so I had to keep it out of the icky flesh eating bacteria infested water. But it was still fun. And I have a little color on my skin before I begin my hermit days of studying indoors.

And, one of the most exciting things, I picked up my white coat!!!!!!! It is so pretty! And it fits just fine too. Unlike my scrubs I ordered. The bottoms are fine but the tops are HUGE! Why oh why am I two different sizes?

Oh yeah, I also got my syllabi for my classes. CRAZY!! A med school syllabus isn't just the intro to the class, it is all the notes for the whole block, semester, whatever. So it is pretty much a book. But much cheaper than any textbook. I took them in to get them bound so I'll post the number of pages when I get them back.

I've got to finish painting the cabinets so I'm off again. I swear I'll write more regularly.

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