Thursday, August 2, 2007

I have internet!

Thank you Jesus! I can finally get online without having to travel to some coffee/tea place for free internet!

So in short, here's what's going on so far:
Back in Houston from home home
Bedroom painted (light green)
Kitchen painted (red)
Condo getting semi-organized
Diploma hung (it looks so good! YAY Benjamin Knox!)
Foundation Honors certificate hung (also bueno! YAY)
Going out to eat with Aunt and everyone else
Going out Friday with UTH people
Going to Lowe's Monday with Jenny for the BIG TRIP with the 10% off coupon

I'm going to start working on the kitchen cabinets soon so that I can do them over several days since they will be a pain in the butt. I will be using Sherwin Williams paint though, which will make is one million times better. I make the mistake of using another brand *gasp* of paint because the color was sooooo cool for the kitchen, and I was kicking myself the whole time. It didn't go on evenly, I had to double coat, it still shows some brush strokes, and mostly it was a pain to do! As opposed to painting my bedroom which was a WONDERFUL experience (as wonderful as painting can be). The paint went on well, covered the dark yellowbrowngreen color, didn't show any brush strokes or roller spots, and it only needed ONE coat. YAY.

Now if I could only get my hair to cooperate, then I'd be in business. Tips for dealing with curly hair in this extreme humidity are welcome.

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