Saturday, November 24, 2007


Aggies: 38
t.u.: 30

Not as easy to inset into casual conversation as 12-7 ("Hey what time is it?" "Oh... about 12 to 7" "Hey, what time is the movie?" "It starts at about 6:48, you know, 12 to 7." "What time do you want to meet for dinner?" "hmmm its 6:30 now, so lets meed at about 12 to 7"), but we'll deal :) I'll just relate the score to baking.

"how long do I need to put the cookies in for?" "hmmm, 38 to 30 minutes should do the trick!"

"Beat eggs for 38 to 30 seconds at a time"

"How many strawberies in the pie?" "oh I'm not sure, something like 38 to 30"

"How many inches of rain have you gotten in Houston today?" "about 30 to 38 inches" (well it feels like it has rained that much today!)

So WHOOP Aggies!!! We BTHO t.u.!

And Fran is gone! Double WHOOP!

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