Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When does it feel real?

So I still surf around SDN because I am curious how med school interview process goes for the future generations (or something like that). Now that November 15th is approaching (the first day for pre-match offers), I think it is so neat how excited everyone is that their life could really change with one email. And people seem to really talk like their life is going to change forever. And believe me, it does change, but what I want to know is, when am I really going to feel like I'm going to be a doctor?

Every day pretty much I can hardly believe I'm in REAL medical school. I guess some of it is because I didn't take time off (and I'm glad I didn't), but every once in a while I go holy cow, I'm really going to be a doctor. A real doctor. A doctor that sees real patients. Human patients. Is there a point when I'm actually going to feel like a doctor though? Or at least like I'm really becoming a doctor. (it is WAY to early to feel the slightest bit competent). I guess it is just one of those gradual transitions where one day I'll go, hmmm guess I'm becoming a real doctor.

Maybe its time I go do some shadowing. I think I'll need to go over my ICM stuff so I might have a clue as to how I should interact with patients......that will have to wait until Thanksgiving.

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