Sunday, November 11, 2007


I love giving tours to the interviewees. It really is a lot of fun. My biggest worry is being so excited about school that I scare them away. But I really do love being at UT-H. Even if I am constantly harassed that now I'm a tea-sip errrr... longhorn (for the record, I'm not. I'll always be an Aggie. WHOOP!) And giving the tours gives me the availability to go see the cool things on the tour, like the helipad and heart surgery. YAY cool surgeries (though I am sorry that anyone is ever in the position to have to have the surgery. But since they need it, I may as well watch it).

And here is the cool pic I took during the tour (it was the first time I've seen the life flight helicopter!). And if you're reading thing and you're gonna interview at UT Houston, let me know and I'll try to give your tour!


CalicoCat said...

Unfortunately you were not giving tours the day I interviewed, but the LifeFlight tour really was awesome!! Dr. K said they were trying to see if students can do a rotation of some sort with them.

la texane said...

I think that pic is from my interview day, and I was in your tour group! Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to give us a great tour of UT Houston. Although I ranked another school higher and matched there, I think UT Houston is an incredible medical center and you are a great asset to them as an ambassador to potential students. Hope you are still enjoying med school!