Sunday, November 25, 2007

Funny Things

Two funny things I thought of/said today

Expiration can mean exhaling, but it is also a term used to say someone has passed away.
I'm working on a review for class, and the questions is what causes splitting of S2 (a heart sound) and what makes it go away. Inspiration causes it, and expiration makes it go away. HAHAHAH of course expiration makes it go away because if you're dead you have no heart beat!

Also, I discussed beatin' the hell outta t.u. with my dad and I said that if my future children went to t.u., I would be sad but I could live with it. But if my kids went to tortilla tech I'd wonder where I went wrong raising them and I questions if they could even be mine. So we came up with this.....

If my kid went to t.u. I'd be upset, but if my kid went to tech I'd get a DNA test.

AHHHH funnyness

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