Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aggie Muster

Today is Aggie Muster, the day when we remember all Aggies who have passed away in the previous year. It hits home a little more this year because we will be remembering Robert Walker Best '06, who should have been joining me in entering medical school this fall. He passed away after several interviews, but much before acceptances were sent. It is just tragic to me that someone who could have been a really amazing doctor passed away in such a terrible accident.

Update: Ok I went to Muster and it was amazing. Our speaker was very inspirational. I think she was the best Muster speaker I've heard in my four years here at A&M. I only cried a little at the beginning, I said here, and was just very moved by the whole thing. Aggie traditions are great. It is like nowhere else on Earth I know.

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