Thursday, April 5, 2007

TMDSAS goodness

Thursday, I ran into a friend that I don't see very often, and since he's a year younger and applying to med school, the topic of advice came right up. I have to say, I really really like giving advice. I feel like when I have good knowledge, its almost my duty to, you know, pass it on to future generations. I want to help people learn from my mistakes, give them hints on how they can do well at something. All that jazz. But I also don't get worked up if they don't take it. I mean I gave the advice . . . at least I tried. (perhaps I will make a list sometime of all my big advice) This year was a brand new admissions system, and I think it was really rough on people. The schools all gave out pretty much every available seat in this years class before match. Was it fair? probably not. But it also isn't fair that not every deserving person gets into medical school, while some jerk faced undeserving people who are so anal they probably haven't pooped since '91 do get in. Ok I dont know anyone like that, but you know. I also think Texas needs more med shool spots. I don't know if it would be better to make the existing schools better, or to make a new one. The problem with making a new school, is that it probably should be in an underserved area, such as oh... El Paso or other West/South Texas places. OH WAIT! That's right! Most people don't want to go down there!! But really, this just leads me into a rant on how it all trickles down to families and the priorities they put on education, as well as the education available to them beginning in elementary school. I mean, if you can barely get kids out of high school, how are you going to get them to be successful in college, let alone med school. But that is a much longer story, and it all leads to stories about how people should not think so much about now now now and they should look a little more long term. I mean, if I didn't think long term, how in the world would I know this long road to becoming a doctor is worth it for me. I mean, I'm going to be in school for-ev-er. And that is ok. I'm going to be a doctor!!! *happy dance* I've always wanted this and I'm just one step closer. And thank goodness this is where God wants me to be. I guess if He wanted me somewhere else He would have just put me there. Unless I'm that preverbial (or however you spell it) boulder that's so big God can't even lift it. But jeeze I don't weigh that much :)

Ohhhhhhh... and on a fun note, the boyfriend and I went to get his/our dog fabric to make a blanket. We narrowed it down to either Disney Princesses (light pink fleece) or this cool Yoda and Star Wars (black fleece). She technically is his dog so I told him to pick. When he couldn't I told him black wouldn't look so dirty after a while, so now this giant dog with the pretty pink hearts and bones collar has a silly Yoda blanket to keep her warm (she's very skinny if you weren't aware). And he complained people always called her a boy..... now what are we supposed to do?

Currently watching: CSI miami. LOVE IT! Love CSI, love science, love it love it love it! Plus I can't sleep. Oh me, oh my

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