Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ok so I know some people are at least looking at this stuff, if not actually reading it, but just leave a comment and say hello! Tell me it sucks, tell me you like it, tell me you agree/disagree with my feelings. Tell me ANYTHING!! I JUST NEED A SIGN OF LIFE OUT THERE!!! Ok silly time over

Ok not really, silly time is never truly over for me. But on what else is going on in my life. I know the Virginia Tech massacre is hot news right now, but I feel like there is nothing really constructive that I can say. It is absolutely terrible, and the best I can offer is my love and support to that community. My only real contribution, is that even before this, I've really thought that kids lately have almost zero appropriate/successful coping mechanisms. I don't know why it is, but they just don't. It is very sad. I really feel like we almost need classes for children to learn what is appropriate and what is not when they deal with feelings like sadness, anger, etc. It isn't instinctual knowing how to deal with these feelings, and there are so many parents that don't even know how to deal with their own feelings (mmmhmmm I watched Dr. Phil yesterday......).

In other news, I'm still stupidly excited about medical school/Houston. I've been looking at getting a condo. It would just be cheaper than rent there. Houston is expensive if anyone isn't aware. There are several I like so me and my dad are just going down there to check them all out after graduation. EEEKKK Graduation! I've got to get those announcements sent out. The semester is almost over. Everything has really flown by for me. I have loved going to A&M. I've made amazing friends, learned lots about myself, and have just had the most incredible time that I can't even put into words. I know there is a lot of hubbub about picking the right undergrad to get into medical school, but seriously, people need to go to a place they will get a good education, but that they will also enjoy. People told me a lot to have fun because you have your whole life to work, and it sound silly but it is true. But then again I never really listened much to what people told me. You just always have to live through it. But if everyone says it, perhaps it at least has an ounce of truth :)

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brandoncfi said...

Hello just saying hi. I have been reading your blog. I am starting pharm school in september and I am also very excited. I am also looking for a condo with my wife. Im sick of giving someone else $800 a month. Good luck with graduation and have a great summer

Aggie Sarah said...

YAY! Thanks for saying hi! Good luck finding a condo. I also figured 600 in mortgage and monthly association fees is way better than 800+ in rent. :) But thanks for saying hello!