Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm in love with a med school.....

Ok so read the title like the song. It is funny I swear. I just got back to good ol' CS from Houston and I AM IN LOVE WITH UT HOUSTON!!!! I hope that isn't creepy. I had an absolutely amazing time meeting all of my new classmates and meeting the current M1s. I also now have a clue about how the heck to get around Houston. It is very confusing. Very. Maybe I'm just slow. I left after my class Friday and went down to meet my M1 buddy (my big sis if you will) for a mini tour of the med school and lunch. I also got to meet a bunch of her friends which was very fun. Friday night I met a couple of girls in Rice Village for drinks which was very fun. Saturday my M1 buddy and I had breakfast, I went to see my aunt, and then I went back to the big social thingie that was the real part of Welcome Weekend. There was a ton of BBQ, and two kegs of beer! BEER! And Dr. Kellaway was there! It was CRAZY! And it was no cheap beer either, they sprung for the good stuff. It was very nice. After chatting like crazy with about a million different people, I went with a friend I already knew, two people I kind of know, and two new people to this boba tea place that my M1 buddy showed me. SUPER GOOD! I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. Boba tea will certainly make me poor. After tea, we met a couple other people for dinner at El Meson in Rice Village. Very good but greasy. Then we met up with the rest of the Welcome Weekend crew at this bar place. It was also fun. I felt like an old lady though because at 11pm I was beat. Lame-o. But I still had a really good time. Oh and did I mention it was FREEZING!! 60 degrees, in April, in HOUSTON! Ridonk-a-donk!

Today, I went with my aunt to the Japan festival in Hermann park. Also very fun. Having that huge park in the middle of Houston really reminded me of the parks in London (I LOVE London) and I think that whole museum district really solidified that I am going to enjoy being in Houston.

So WHOOP for UT Houston and WHOOP for medical school and WHOOP for brand new friends. I am pumped for medical school this fall.

Currently craving: Jasmine green tea with tapioca from that teahouse! YUM

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