Friday, April 20, 2007


This first picture is from the Japan Festival in Houston. It was mucho fun.
My roommate and I went to Brenham to this 50's diner. This is a sign that was in the restroom.

This is my boyfriend's dog. She is SO cute. And big. I love her a lot. I almost miss her more than the boyfriend. :) She is almost 100 pounds, and still growing. She is very skinny still (grrrr to her old owners) and it got cold (in April, very strange) so we went to get her fleece so I could make her a blanket and this is what the boyfriend picked. I need to buy her more pink things.....
Just to give you an idea of how big Bella is, here is is laying on the floor next to the boyfriend. He is normal sized :) (6 foot, 6'1", you know). She has a very cute pink collar that she isn't wearing in this picture. It is VERY cute. So cute you might explode. I measured her and I think she was 31" at the shoulder (which is the proper place to measure them I learned!)

Ok that is all the cuteness/funniness that I could squeeze out. I have a terrible bout of senioritis right now. It is AWFUL. Especially since I have a biochemistry test Tuesday.
I just thought I would put up a couple pics :) Pictures are always fun

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