Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' what!

YAY my advanced human genetics test is over. I was a little worried about it since I still haven't gotten back the last test, but now that is done I am certain I did just fine! I love that total feeling of relief when I'm done with a test and I know it went ok. I was a total bum yesterday after the test and it was fantastic, though now I have the urge to clean and organize, which I know is a good thing since my room is falling apart (though it isn't as bas as it has been!).

So in the news lately......

Billy Gillispie left our wonderful University for Kentucky. I was mad, never really sad, then super mad again, now I'm pretty much over it. Obviously there was drama and I'm glad he's gone now, even though he did amazing things for our program. He just didn't get what it took to be an Aggie. The new guy Mark Turgeon has two super cute kids. Gillispie had none. That makes Turgeon obviously better in my book :)

Larry Birkhead is the baby daddy! Well.... duh. It was pretty obvious that the pretty little baby did not have the schnoz to be related to Howard K Stern. I'm not saying he'd be a better parent, that he doesn't have ulterior motive (ummmm that baby could be worth A-LOT), or that he is even normal. But all I'm saying is that I totally knew he was the dad. Just look at a picture.

Sheryl Crow came to A&M for the stop global warming tour (or something like that). I didn't see her but she's cool and I'm glad she came. Even though it could be bad timing since everyone down here just had snow. Snow is not warm. :)

Ok that's all I can think of for now. I must clean clean clean so that I can feel organized and happy. Maybe I'll buy some highlighters. Seriously. I've been thinking about which brand will be best for medical school because I feel kind of picky about highlighters and I want ones that are bright and somewhat light. I don't want the ink to seep through the pages and look so dark I can hardly read my own handwriting. Maybe I'll ask the office supply people to let me open packages and test them out :)

Currently craving: a clean room! hah yeah

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