Friday, May 18, 2007


So the boyfriend and I are going to buy a condo in Houston together! YIPPIE! But it means money. I'm scared of spending large amounts of money. Well..... sometimes :) Ikea can be an exception. But I think I'm more worried about buying the wrong thing. We have a budget, the dog (who is 98.5 pounds now!), and a need for me to be close to the free shuttle. YAY free! What if I don't find the perfect place? Is it still worth it to buy over rent? Sure I'll be there 4 years, but I could be there longer if I do my residency in Houston. And why is it all my friends seem to hate Houston? I want them to love it so they'll come visit me! I was always wary of Houston since it is new to me, but the more time I've been down there I do feel like I like it! Much more park stuff than Dallas, and I don't know, you can live in Houston Houston, but you don't really live in Dallas Dallas. Plus I want the boyfriend to like it too. I'm uprooting him totally and throwing him down to a city where he doesn't know anyone but my aunt and uncle. (but he likes them a lot so it is cool). I feel like there is a LOT riding on me finding the right condo. But there are also rules and restrictions! 51% owner occupancy, 3% down, FHA approved, must allow dogs (important!) but must also be large enough for 2 people and the dog, and still in budget! Houston is expensive if you didn't know! GAH!

Ok calming down a bit. It also stresses me because it doesn't look like the boyfriend and I can get down to look at condos at a time when my dad can come as well. I don't know much about anything about buying condos or houses, except for what I want. That's why I wanted my dad to be able to come down and go through it all with me. But now its just me and the boyfriend, and we all know (he even says it!) I'm the "responsible one" OH THE PRESSURE!!!! I'm sure whatever ends up happening it will be the right thing. It is just so hard to wait.

If anyone that reads this (oh I was so star struck that Scalpel commented on my little blog! *blush* Thank you!) and has sage wisdom about buying things like condos, or Houston, it would be much appreciated. Or if you don't have sage wisdom and just want to say this is all crazy, you can do that too :)


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condo in Philippines said...

Just want to own a condo too. Hope to see soon the condo you bought. :)

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