Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Things that make you think

I'm taking this women's health class online, and here are some funny things I read. These are straight for the slides, not something I made up. I promise. Please feel free to comment.

Breast Cancer - leading cause of cancer death in women
Lung Cancer - more women die of lung cancer than breast cancer

Possible symptom of ovarian cancer - asymptomatic

Risk factor for colorectal cancer - previous history of colorectal cancer

Complications of syphilis - death

If I notice more I'll post them. I just thought they were funny. But it was also late when I found them. :)


Ms-Ellisa said...

They ARE funny...! Medical books are filled with such stuff... Which city are you in Deutschland? I 've been in Berlin and Munchen

Aggie Sarah said...

I'm not in Germany anymore, but I went to Duesseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Hannover, Bonn, Cologne, and Bamberg.

Thanks for reading by the way!