Monday, May 14, 2007


I graduated! YAY!! It feels very strange to be done. But good. It really means that going to medical school is real too. Thursday the 10th was the Honors reception. It recognized everyone graduating with Foundation Honors, University Honors, and other such fun smarty pants things. There is nothing like an honors party to make you feel like an under achiever. Other people had 3 honors plus a thesis and were going to MIT for engineering. But it is ok. I stumbled into getting Foundation Honors, and it was worth it if only for the reception :) The food was good, but the lights went out right at the end. It was kinda scary. But I got a really cool certificate. I've really enjoyed the honors program.
After that, me and my family went to the Chicken Oil Company, with my friend Chris, his family, and his boyfriend. It was SO GOOD! My family hadn't ever been there so I made them go. The burgers are some of the best anywhere.
I had to wake up bright and early Friday morning. Graduation was at 9 am! Somehow, with about zero coordination from me, all three parts of my family managed to end up sitting together! It was great and very low stress. Of course, graduation was long (darn liberal arts people!) but it was so exciting getting all geared up to walk across the stage. It all went by pretty quickly because I ended up sitting right by my friend Sara. Thank you Ms. Moore for not showing up so that Sara and I could sit together. Once we got up to the stage, we had to do this really awkward not looking at the president thing so that we would have a good graduation picture. Mine better be good because I'm sure I hit the pose PERFECTLY. After I got my diploma there were a dozen more people to shake hands with, and they all commented on how many cords I had. It was pretty funny. Since this is a also a journal for me to remember things, here were the cords I had, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Order of Omega, and Golden Key. I wish Phi Beta Kappa would have given us cords, but I can always order them to put in frame stuff.
Saturday, we went to the Benjamin Knox gallery and my dad, who is wonderful, bought me this AMAZING diploma frame that was my diploma beside a sketch of the 07 Aggie ring. I can't wait to get it all back, especially since it feels so strange to NOT HAVE MY DIPLOMA!!! But oh well, it should be back around June 2 :)

I'll put up pictures as soon as I get them from my step mom. Since I was in the ceremony, I couldn't take pictures of myself :)


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