Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I have my boyfriend's dog until he and the rest of my family come down to College Station tomorrow. At first I was so excited, and I still am, but all of a sudden it hit me. SHE NEEDS ME! I have to give her food. I take her to pee. I tell her she doesn't need to bark at the nice people (ok I only assume they are nice... but ya know), and I yank her out of the way when the neighbor's dog hurts her and then she attacks (she wouldn't want to get a reputation for beating up the bully dogs). Ok she didn't really attack, but she kind of did, but she has a scratch and a patch of hair GONE! She has a tiny bald spot! But she seems ok with it :) So anyway, since I'm talking about the dog, here are some of the funny things she did today, that I can remember.

She licked the back window of my car. Not sure why, but it sure looked cute when I saw it in my rear view mirror.

When my friend Vanessa's dog/puppy jumped into the pond, Bella definitely weighed whether she should help get the puppy out, or if she should stay dry. She stayed dry (thank God), and the puppy was just fine, swimming around. Vanessa's dog loves the water. Thank you Bella, for not smelling like wet dog.

I set Bella's bed up all nice beside my bed. Bella is now sleeping on the OPPOSITE side of my bed.

Bella woke up from a nap during our 3.5 hour drive, gave me a super groggy look, and than crashed back down into her sleeping position. SUPER CUTE

Bella stuck her head right in between my two seats to pretend to be the navigator.

My roommate and I were watching a movie we rented. Bella walked in front of the TV about a million times, but when the clock struck 10pm, she was OUT asleep. I guess that is just her bed time. It was pretty funny though the way she just stopped at exactly 10.

Ok that's all I can think of right now. Oh she just barked at the dryer. But it is ok because I'm part of her pack and I told her it was safe. She layed back down, on the side of my bed where her bed is not. Dogs.....

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