Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I really wish I had something interesting to post about but I don't. There really isn't a lot going on. I'm making a teeny-weeny amount of money working at my church nursery taking care of the almost non-existent babies. I guess I could talk about that.

Dear Families at my Church:

In the interest of the continued growth of our church, it is IMPERATIVE that we have more babies. Currently, we have only ONE regular baby under 1 year. It takes 9 months to grow a new one, so to keep adequate child flow through the nursery, you need to get busy NOW! Be fruitful and multiply, as my father says. However, should you not desire/be able to grow a bun in the oven, adoption/fostering is a WONDERFUL alternative, and we the workers of the nursery of accepting of ALL babies. Even fussy ones. We promise to not even pinch them.

To help sway you, here are some of the amenities the nursery has:
  • Virtually unlimited cheerio supply (if you don't know already, this is VERY important to the happiness of babies.)
  • Good snuggling arms
  • A wide video selection, including favorites such as the Wiggles, Dora, and Bob the Builder
  • And finally, we have Family Fun Night, once a month, on Friday night, so that you may drop off any children you currently have and work on making a new one
While I will be leaving at the end of June to begin medical school, I'm asking you to do this not for me, but for the church. And the children. So please, put on a little Barry White, light some candles, and do your duty as parents. Thank you.


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